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Intro to Psychology

Full Year Course
9th-12th grade
One high school Social Science or elective credit

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What others are saying:

Psychology has become integrated into almost every aspect of our current culture. While there are many valid, useful aspects of this study, it also employs many anti-Christian theories and practices. I entered Intro to Psychology with absolutely no prior knowledge of the field of psychology. I enjoyed the fact that we used a combination of a Sparknotes textbook, and a book on the Christian view of psychology. The Sparknotes text was easy to understand, and gave me the material I needed for the CLEP exam, while the Christian-based book and Mrs. Burdick’s lectures helped me to gain a Biblical view of psychology. Had I taken a traditional high-school or college psychology class, I know I would have missed out on this vital aspect. At the end of the year, I passed the Intro to Psychology CLEP exam, which gave me three college credits. This course is very educational, as well as enriching and eye-opening. I would recommend this class to any student who is interested in gaining a Christian view on this study, which has become such a large part of our culture.  Abby T. – Michigan

Course Tutor:

Wanda Burdick

Course Description:

After taking a psychology course at a major university, I have first-hand experience on how anti-God, and humanistic psychology really is.  My goal is to keep students from having to sit through the “counsel of the ungodly” and polluting their minds.  This course covers all the theory that a student would receive in an introductory college level course in Psychology, but with a biblical worldview to combat the godless philosophies that do consume so many young people today.  We will discuss all the theories of Freud, Watson, Maslow, Adler, and many more.  We will learn about development, perception, learning and conditioning, intelligence, cognition and how psychology plays a role in most of today’s thinking.  With the Bible as our guide, we will examine how a biblical worldview champions the secular worldview.  When the student has completed the course they will have the information needed to take the CLEP or the AP exam for college credit and not have to take this course in college.
Students may also prepare to take the CLEP ‘Intro to Psychology’ exam by which you may receive college credit. Please check with instructor for extra study materials for this opportunity.

Course Notes:

There are some chapters in the book that are sensitive in nature and parents are forewarned so they can go through the material with their student.  I do not teach sex education as I feel this is the job of the home.

Course Prerequisites:

Mature enough to understand concepts that deal with personality and human nature.

Required Texts:

• Spark Notes 101, Psychology, ISBN # 1-4114-0332-0
• End of Christian Psychology by Martin and Diedre Bobgan –  ISBN 0-941717-12-7
• E_book website -The http://www.psychoheresy-aware.org/ECPbk_online.html
Both books are eBooks, but the student must have access to the book and printing can be as expensive as buying the book.

Required Supplies:

3-ring notebook
Access to power point for projects.  This is a free download at http://office-pro-suite.info/index2.html

Tutor Bio:

Wanda Burdick and her husband Jeff, currently operate HomeSchoolWorks, which includes Webworks, online classes for Jr. High and Sr. High students.  Wanda has taught English and psychology  courses, and a  speech and debate coach, for over 30 years, both in the traditional school setting as well as the home school community.  She currently teaches English, speech /debate and psychology to many students across America via their program Webworks. She has authored several literature guides and The Mini Manual for Distance Learning.  She and Jeff home schooled their children and now all eight of their grandchildren are being home schooled.   Jeff and Wanda live in Linneus, MO  and operate a family dairy farm in their spare time. www.homeschoolworks4u.com