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English IV


English IV

2014-2015, Webworks
Full Year Course
Average 9th-10th graders, but based on ability more than age or grade.
One High School English Credit

Must take placement test if you are new to Webworks.  It is sent once registration is completed. If we cannot place your student then you will be refunded all but $10.00.  This covers the cost of office and evaluation of placement test.

Click here to watch a sample of this class.  (New teacher this year)

Course Tutor:

Elicia Mayes
Email is my preferred medium for communication.
989-875-9099 (cell)
If you call you will most likely need to leave a message, I will return your call as soon as I can.

Course Prerequisite:

Diagnostic Test for Placement. Some knowledge of the Institute for Excellence in Writing Style Techniques would be helpful. A solid background in grammar is essential.

Course Description:

This is an advanced course in grammar and diagramming designed for students with a strong background in grammar. We will work on functional shifts, subordination and coordination and heavy sentence analysis.
Sentence analysis will begin with phrases and clauses, assuming a working knowledge of all eight parts of speech and their function within a sentence.  Students will analyze through parsing, diagramming, and identifying parts of speech; multiple concepts will be covered on quizzes and tests, so where in earlier levels, a quiz might only include gerund phrases as those are studied, these quizzes would cover different phrases and clauses in a single sentence for analysis.

A strong work ethic will be necessary. Parents and students must commit to completing assignments on time and according to the parameters set by the tutor. We will also cover two literary pieces in great detail: The Odyssey and Great Expectations. Students will be exposed to an oral survey of selected World Literature authors and works as follows: First Quarter: Greek Literature, Second Quarter: Roman Literature, Third Quarter: Medieval Literature, Fourth Quarter: Modern Literature. These works will not be covered in any detail. The purpose of the tour is to develop an interest in further classical reading. Vocabulary will be directly related to the literature; students are required to create a glossary of fifty words and definitions per quarter from unfamiliar terms within their literary pieces. This will be checked quarterly when notebooks are graded.

Composition is also an integral part of the curriculum. Students will be taught and required to use a highly structured organizational method along with style techniques. They will practice these essays in multiple formats throughout the course. During the second semester, all students will write a research paper taught incrementally throughout the semester.

Course Notes:

This is a challenging course, but it is not insurmountable. You may feel overwhelmed, but if you persevere with your child, the reward will be great.  I also work with those that need extra help or adjustments.  Before you read any further, please fully understand that you, the parent, will be expected to grade materials for which you will be provided answer keys. Your student needs immediate feedback on his/her work that cannot be provided with a two-week turnaround on returned papers. In addition, I need to be freed up to grade subjective work and aid you in maturing your child’s composition skills. If you are unwilling to do this, please DO NOT sign up for this class.

Course Fees:

There are no extra fees for this course.

Required Texts:

  • The Odyssey, by Homer – ISBN 1411432835 (Barnes & Noble)  ISBN-13: 9781411432833
  • Homer’s The Odyssey Study Guide by Wanda Burdick
  • Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens – ISBN 1593081162 (Barnes & Noble) ISBN-13: 9781593081164
  • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed. ISBN 9781603290258 (Modern Language
    Association of America)

Note: You may already have the sixth edition. I don’t mind your using it; however, you must be aware that there are some minor changes in documentation requirements in the new edition. You will likely need the newer one for your child in college anyway.

Required Supplies:

  • 3-ring binder with 5 Big Tabs and 36 smaller tabs for each week of the school year
  • notebook filler paper
  • pack of color pencils

Tutor Bio:

I hold a B.S. in English/Secondary Education with a minor in psychology and communication from Western Michigan University and I am finishing up my M.A. in English Literature and Language at University of Michigan-Flint.  I have been certified previously by the State of Michigan and taught 9th grade English at Corunna High School for several years.  In my capacity there I also created and taught a speech, debate and journalism class.

Once my husband, of 13 years, and I started a family I became a stay-at-home mom and now enjoy homeschooling my children.  I have been blessed to teach through the homeschool organization C.H.E.S.S. and through our church, Faith Church, in Lansing, MI.  My husband and I and our three children live in DeWitt, MI in an old farm house that we absolutely love.

This will be my first year teaching with Webworks and I feel extremely blessed to do so.  I look forward to serving the Lord, the homeschooling community and your family.