offers classes for students in grades 5-12


helps high school and college age students earn college Credits By Examination

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Computer Science

Computer I  - Tutor, Bill Trinklien

Computer II  – Tutor, Bill Trinklien ( Must have average typing skills and basic computer knowledge)*

Web Design I – Tutor, Teresa Smith

C# windows and game Programming – Tutor, Cheryl Claussen

Visual Basic Windows and Game Programming – Tutor, Cheryl Claussen

Foreign Languages

Beginning Spanish – Tutor, Samantha Mora

Spanish I – Tutor, Michele Hobbs

Spanish II – Tutor, Michele Hobbs (Spanish II will be offered in 2016-17)

Latin I – Tutor, TBA (offered 2016-17)

American Sign Language 1 (ASL) – Tutor, Londa Furman

American Sign Language II (ASL) – Tutor, Londa Furman


Handyman Skills – Tutor, Bill Trinklein

Speech and Public Speaking – Tutor, Angie Murrell

Debate and Argumentation – Tutor, Wanda Burdick

Affixes – Tutor, Jeanne Manning

Fine Arts

Elements of Art: Color and Composition – Tutor,TBA (offered in 2016-2017)

Language Arts

English I - Tutor, Londa Furman (Diagnostic test)

English II - Tutor, Danielle Hamlet (Diagnostic Test or taken WW  E I)*

English III – Tutor, Wanda Burdick (Diagnostic test or taken WW E2)*

English IVTutor, Danielle Hamlet (Diagnostic test or taken WW E 3)*

Eng.V – American Literature – Tutor, Wanda Burdick ( Taken E4 or essay sent to teacher)*

Eng.VI -British Literature – Tutor, Danielle Hamlet ( Taken E4 or Essay sent to teacher)*

Research Paper Writing – Tutor, Wanda Burdick (1 sem.)

Creative Writing – Tutor, Wanda Burdick (1 sem.)


Pre-Algebra - Tutor, Cheryl Claussen (Diagnostic test)*

Algebra I - Tutor, Cheryl Claussen (Diagnostic Test or taken WW Pre-algebra)*

Geometry – Tutor, George McBride (Diagnostic test or taken WW Alg. I)*

Algebra II – Tutor, George McBride ( Diagnostic Test or taken WW Alg. I)*


Physical Science - Tutor, Bill Trinklein

Chemistry – Tutor, Emily Smith

Biology - Tutor, Emily Smith

Physics - Tutor, Bill Trinklein

General Science – Tutor, Amy Stults

4-5-6 Science – Tutor, Ruthann Bamford

Social Studies

World Geography (H.S. or Jr. Hi.) – Tutor, Angie Murrell

Intro to Psychology – Tutor, Wanda Burdick

Western Civilization & World Religions – Tutor, Jeff Burdick Sr.

Government & Economics – Tutor, Jeff Burdick Sr.

U.S.History (H.S.) – Tutor, Jeff Burdick Sr.

American History ( Jr. Hi) – Tutor, Jesse Burns

4-5-6 American History – Tutor, Amy Puetz

4-5-6 Ancient History – Tutor – Amy Puetz

Summer Classes 2015

Math Fundamentals - Tutor, Cheryl Claussen –

Microsoft Small Basic Programming – Tutor, Cheryl Claussen

Writer’s Camp - Tutor, Wanda Burdick

Career Planning 101- Tutor, Wanda Burdick

Lego Robotics – Tutor, Bill Trinklein

Lego Mechanics – Tutor, Bill Trinklein

* Diagnostic Test – These test are designed to help place the student in the class that best suites them.  It does not mean that a student will not be placed in a class, but it determines which class they will be placed in.  Diagnostic test are given after registration has been completed.  We take considerable time to evaluate the diagnostic tests and we do not want to do this without some indication that you actually intend to enroll; therefore the registration must be completed first.  If your student does not qualify for a class your registration fees  will be reimbursed except $10.00 to cover the testing process.  Diagnostic test will be sent to the family for them to administer the test and then are sent to the HSW4U office for evaluation.  Diagnostic are usually sent with in 2 weeks of registration being completed and received.