offers classes for students in grades 5-12


helps high school and college age students earn college Credits By Examination


We welcome you to view our website and see what we have for home school families.  Whether your need is for academic classes, high school or college planning, transcript services, college credits through CLEP and Accelerated Distance Learning, or a struggling learner your help is just a click away.  Please sign up for our monthly newsletter by filling out the form on the right sidebar.  Please scroll down to view all our service and then contact us.

HomeSchoolWorks is a Christian organization designed to provide assistance with tutoring, training and testing for home school families. There are four components of HomeSchoolWorks –

  1. Webworks, online classes reaching the world with academic classes for 5th – 12th grade students.

  2. Testing and special tutoring for struggling learner students.

  3. Collegeworks, online program that prepares students for computer based exams for college credit.

  4. Teenworks Iowa, a local service for Iowa home schoolers who want academic classes and services from a Biblical world view. HomeSchoolWorks and its staff wants to help you meet your home school goals.


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There are many on line programs for home schoolers, but Webworks is superior because:

1.  Teachers have a passion for God and His worldview .

2.  Small classes with individual attention at no extra cost.

3.  Easy technology with tech support – We want all our customers to have a good experience

4.  We are small enough to provide individual help and programs, but large enough to offer a broad scope of classes.  See below.

5.  Struggling Learners can get extra help.

6.  Students who want college credit can take an  exam to obtain college credit.  Our classes help prepare for this.

7.  All classes are recorded for your convenience in case you must be absent or need review.

8.  Parents have access to all student records 24/7.

9.  Great sense of community from students across the country.

10.  Least expensive on line academic program.



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  • College planning available – how to get a year of college in 3 months.  Register Here

You could be this student. See below:

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed both the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP and the American Literature CLEP!!! I am SO excited!!!  Thanks again for a fantastic year.  With twelve college credits under my belt, I couldn’t feel happier. ” L.T. (high school student)

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HomeSchoolWorks Features

 Webinars –  click here for the latest webinar – Maximizing your Home School – interview with 6  former home schoolers and their thoughts about home schooling.
ACT preparation
Debate and speech tournaments
High school & college planning
Curriculum planning
Tutoring and testing for learning disabilities
One-on-one tutoring